new Ravens +

I added some new raven garments to the shop recently


the Victoria skirt



this was made from a vintage brocade type coat & a remnants
from some striped gentleman’s trousers.


it went to live with a lovely lady in San Francisco..

as did this one^
(the Leila skirt)



made with vintage coat lining, more trouser remnants &
pieces of a  beautiful but destroyed polka dot 1940’s dress


it’s been fun to get back into making skirts..
I’ll prolly be making them more often from now on~
it’s hard to keep up on alll the things, haha


this beauty was  birthed from the odd latticework
I make with scraps, when I need a break from creating
intentionally.. it’s kind of a relief to just sew things together sometimes without alot of thought.


I doctored them into this neat bonnet for some
portraits with my friend Amber,
which are coming up in one of the next posts. the
photography has been a good catalyst lately, for making
some of my lil garment visions come to life.

this piece is available for adoption in the shop


xo S

a new portrait


here’s a new portrait, taken of my friend Lance a couple weeks ago.


I feel quite lucky lately, to be meeting some very magical
people in the area who are kindred spirits and willing
to let me cover them in leaves, haha

xo S

red week

a quick colour filled post

Screen shot 2019-03-31 at 11.23.37 AM

I had a very red week, resulting in the Rosalyn dress..
which is now available in the shop for adoption

Screen shot 2019-03-31 at 11.24.04 AM Screen shot 2019-03-31 at 11.24.22 AM

the forest is starting to come alive again,
but it’s still very dark and sombre for the most part.
I’ve been surrounding myself with rich colours in the studio,
preparing for the flowers.

Screen shot 2019-03-31 at 11.24.39 AM

had a very enriching dyeing day


I’ve been splitting my time in many directions..
working on music alot and I hosted an epic
ALVA spring Equinox party. then I got sick!
trying to find the balance, as always.



xo S

a portrait of Hali


the air is slowly starting to feel like Spring here,
but the forest is still muted and recovering from
all the snow. I’ve been making more portrait
missions the last couple weeks & now present you
with this beautiful capture of my dear sestra, Hali.


it has been great fun plotting and taking these portraits,
collaborating with kindreds & the forest.
I’m really looking forward to their evolution
through the seasons this year.

xo S

a makeover for Phine


I just finished this dress makeover for the lovely Phine in Germany.
I think this is one of my favourite makeovers to date!


it was a great excuse to dive into my t-shirt trunks & rediscover
all the bounty there.. I love how using these faded vintage
shirts brought an air of history and weight to the dress.
you can just make out some of the words on the torso.
it reminds me of old buildings with the vintage painted
ads fading off into oblivion.

untitled-1-11 untitled-1-8

I cut the bottom of the original dress and
reincorporated it into the hem area, which created
a nice sense of colour balance with the top.


untitled-2 untitled-2-2

a lot of these pieces have been dyed, but some have just faded
and aged into perfect old farmhouse tones.

untitled-1-5 untitled-1-3 untitled-1-4

aand.. I remembered to take a before picture for once! take a look~


I do feel pretty proud of this one, mostly because I realllly want
to keep it, haha. which I think is a high mark of success :)

xo S


Greetings, from a quietly thawing forest..
this winter has been quite long and provoking.
it feels like so much has been
germinating in the dark~ inside & outside..
now we prepare for the resurgence of Spring.
I’m finally getting back to taking photos, of other
people, in my clothes and visions.


happy to share my first portrait in many years~
this is my longtime friend & muse Matthew
(aka Chains) resting between shadow and light,
in the forest where I live.

Matthew.. Cascadia 2019untitled-1-7

this marks the beginning of something I’ve long envisioned,
and a waking up/ Regeneration of sorts. I’m looking
forward to weaving together the many mediums
that beckon; in a more symbiotic way this year..
& it will also be lovely to collaborate regularly
with other magical earthlings again

xo S

the Lirian dress


just finished this epic leaf dress…
& it feels like a lil piece of my soul is mended :)
this piece was started about 9 years?! ago


it went through many dyebaths.. got started & stopped
& stitched & forgotten over and over again..
many times I just didn’t know where to go with it
and didn’t want to mess it up. untitled-1-3

 there are quite a few pieces like this in my studio,
but this one became weirdly symbolic.. & mad!
it would glare at me every time it surfaced,
berating me silently for letting it sit in stasis
when it obviously was such an incredible gem.



 the last time I picked it up was about 6 months ago,
and I worked almost to completion, then cast it aside again!
this last week I felt so determined to finish it,
spent many hours stitching and having staring contests..
and am grateful to announce that it is
now complete and available for adoption!


this is a bit of a bridge for me.. I have felt conflicted lately,
as I’m ready to move forward in some ways and make
different things, less complicated things. yet there are so
many pieces from the past hanging out and haunting me
to be finished. this dress being finished feels like a milestone
which gives me permission to move forward, for some reason.

working on things from the past is so intense!
I have definitely never been doing this in some clever,
time considerate way.. when I look back at these pieces
with a clearer mind, they actually seem like giant puzzles
in which I’ve been working out my problems, frustrations, blocks.
I’ve been processing & working on my mental health through
art as long as I can remember.. even though I usually
don’t realize it at the time.



this dress is everything.. cotton, velvet, silk, lace,
coat lining, apples, leaves, green shoots..
dark soil, the smell of moss & ferns.
the meadows when the rain came back.
the pond with it’s mysterious shadows.
young plants, old plants, dying plants & unborn plants.



I hope for it to live with someone as a dear friend,
to run outside on summer nights, to pick vegetables,
to dance in leaf piles, to mesmerize children
& to charm the faeries.