revisions for the Future



a little bit sad, but mostly relieved to tell you..
I’ve decided to stop taking commissions for the time being. planning to reevaluate in a year or so and see how things feel, but for now I definitely need a long break. custom work has dominated my creativity for the last few years.. it’s been challenging in a good way; helped me hone my skills, adaptability and strengthened my work and vision. I love to make people’s dreams come true, to make them feel beautiful and happy..
it’s been a long run of this and I’ve learned a lot. but at this point I feel it’s slowing my growth creatively, and I very much need to make the things in my head.
they’re driving me crazy, trying to get out !

I’ll of course be finishing/completing the orders already placed.. but if we’ve only chatted about a project & you haven’t paid a deposit, I have to gracefully decline.


sorry if this is disappointing to anyone.. it’s just long overdue for me to work on my own dreams and reincarnate some of these beautiful ancient tatters stashed away..
they’re starting to get impatient! thanks for understanding..


recently, presently




the last months are such a blur.. just starting to catch up and get planted in the present.
many lovely things have been happening.. Hali & I made a Wickerlady;


I sewed some neat weird textiles for a window collaboration with Art Moura..


finally finished editing some photos with my friend Ana taken a month ago.. we dressed her up in regal victorian tatters and played on the roof while she was in town.


I managed to meet the photoshoot deadline for the circus..
the leotards still need a bit of fine tuning (sewing stretchy costumes
for aerialists is quite challenging!) but they are nearing completion, thankfully..


definitely the biggest recent project was a magikal show I organized
here in Oakland, for Imbolc.. a celebration of the return of the light~
it was a huge undertaking but so incredibly beautiful.
it kind of seems like a dream now. flowers, lanterns, altars, bones..
strange + wonderful music, ritual, dance.. honey, seedlings, rosey teas,
stick weaving, a starry eyed crowd, grass, soil, light & shadows.


our beloved Faery Queen, Angelique, perched on the altar


my music project (ANTHER) opened.
the visuals were by the amazing light artist Azael Ferrer Gordo


i think my favourite  moment that night was the magikal ritual performance by STORIWR



Bryan LeFey’s latest music venture STELLAR ANGLES was also fantastic.


the altar  room looking into main room. we brought rolls of sod in and made a grass floor :)


the Tea Womb, a woodshop closet turned magikal tea bar. it smelled heavenly in there~

there are a Lot more photos in the Imbolc album on my fb page


now working on a custom wedding dress, a sort of sister to the Kassidy dress.
also trying to catch up on sleep, yoga & plans for the future. feeling the need
to make some changes.. there really just isn’t enough time to do everything.
so it seems like  we should all just cut to the chase!  do the most important things,
as well as we can, without fear or second guessing… <3s

the Ringmaster coat


finally done with this Ringmaster coat.. the first piece for the Vespertine troupe..


it’s a reconstruction of an antique military coat.. kind of challenging to work with
(very thick!) but I’m happy with the way it turned out.


untitled-1-3 untitled-1-5

I used a lot of reclaimed vintage coat remnants, pockets, ties, net, lace, velvet, tweed, etc.


as for the regalia parts, there are little silkscreened antique stamps
(custom made  by Ogo Eion), old clothes tags,
the inside of a pocket watch, a bit of  belt, and other found treasures.
now it’s full speed on the leotards, for me..



a busy start to a new year




settling into the studio again after a spell of other work, a nasty cold, and holiday recovery.. there are a couple new things in the shop.. one is the Maude fancy ^



a progress shot of the Ringmaster coat, one of the many pieces I’m working on for the Vespertine Circus



also new in the shop, the Rowan collar.. a lovely concoction of fur & velvet.


this month is looking a bit crazy.. in addition to the circus costumes, I’m working on 2 weddings, a collaborative installation with one of my favorite artists Art Moura
and making music and environment for a magikal Imbolc show here in Oakland.
hoping I can find some time for yoga and sleep in there somewhere..


one of the leotards I’m stitching away on, also for the circus..
these will be on some amazing aerialists.. I can’t wait to see them in action!


studio landscape.. photo is by the amazing Ellen Rogers

more new work is on the way to the shop in the next weeks~ & I’m going to try and keep
updating here as a little break from all the sewing.. wish me luck :)


home + sale

Screen shot 2014-12-09 at 4.34.43 PM

 the last month has been such a shift for me, from the usual hermit stitchery track.
since my last post, i worked on installations for a huge haunted Halloween rave,
braved the cold front of Oregon for a couple weeks, dealt with broken computers,
learned how to use a fancy phone & threw an immersive Hypnagogia show here in Oakland.
i didn’t sew for almost a month.. such a weird feeling! it’s good to be back.


my cat friends are glad too.. they are used to a constant companion here in the studio, haha..
thankfully i had some really wonderful cat-sitters while out of town.


it was freeezing up north.. very difficult to be outside much, but i bundled up and took alot of walks; admiring the fall colours & beautiful plants. these berries were one of my favourite discoveries. they look straight out of Faeryland. their book name is Calicarpa~


Screen shot 2014-12-09 at 4.31.58 PM

it feels like i brought the rain back with me, it’s been abundant  since i got home. everything feels so alive & happy. the sunsets have been especially beautiful, too.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 6.44.44 PM

preparing to be a dream show hostess.. so in love with this weird faery hologram fabric :)

Screen shot 2014-12-09 at 4.33.56 PM

there really is no place like home.  sometimes i forget how beautiful and special it is here.
on returning from a trip it’s especially stunning. i feel so lucky to live in such an oasis of
plants & history.


now it’s time to play catch-up.. make circus costumes, send a dress to Germany, post new things in the shop! & go to the dentist. to support this trip i’m having a toothsome sale.. the handful of things in the shop are marked down 10-30% til December 23rd.

cheers <3s

ps. i made an instagram if you guys want to keep in touch over there too..

the Forest cape ++


new in the shop.. the Forest cape. made in my favourite shades,
channeling the haunted green forests of the northwest..



this piece just came together out of a couple odd green patchworks i had started,
and the forest coloured remnant mountain. it really wanted to exist.. most
of the time i was barely even paying attention, just doing what i was told.



i still haven’t made it up to the northwest.. it’s calling me rather insistently at this point.


this piece would looks so wonderful adorning a fey creature,
perched in a mammoth, moss covered tree.



thanks for all the recent purchases.. i’ve been sending packages left and right,
it makes me so happy to see these pieces flying out to all their different destinations.


the Ramona dress just flew off to miss Lacey Bryant, a lovely painter i’ve long admired..
her work is all kinds of magical, i’m so glad one of my creations is going to live with her.

tigresse sentimentale 34,5 x 37 x 16 cm , resine epoxy-acier-0097ce217b8dc81b016bdae6b649e5b8

&last month i sent a bonnet to live with Clémentine de Chabaneix, in France.. another lovely artist you should check out. she makes beautiful sculptures & drawings.

i also got my first order from Poland the other day..
i feel like my work travels for me, haha. it’s wonderful.
someday i will be able to follow suit.



an Ancestor dress


many months ago, my friend James sent this dress my way. he asked me to work with it
freely, no perimeters or requests. it took me a really long time to finally sit down & start.



i’m posting lots of pictures, because there are just so many tiny details to see.


the dress originally belonged to his great, great, great grandmother.
her name was Alice Wilson.. she raised seven daughters in the hills of Kentucky.


it’s not often that i know where the pieces i work with came from.. sometimes there is a
bit of a story passed on to me, but it’s rare. the stories usually surface like dreams,
subtle feelings i get when handling and stitching the material. this was an
especially beautiful project because the dress had such a connection to
the person i was making it for.



this is the dress in the beginning..


the timing was great, too.. i’d just had to cancel a trip and was kind of worn out. working
on deadlines & custom orders too often can make me feel confined and running
uphill at the same time. it’s really important to make time for experimentation and play. that’s where the inspiration and new ideas germinate. i need to remember this!

it started to feel biological, like i was stitching someone’s body or internal organs.
tiny beads clustered here, feathered paint there. orange seeds turned lavender,
grey angora amongst antique lace pods. hen-peck stitches, field bracken & mossy yarn.



this was a wonderful prompt and push towards the future. i’m looking forward to making
more work in this vein, for people to wear. protective maps under the spell of Nature.