i am a self-taught artist based in oakland, california.
my love affair with stitches began at eleven, 
when i was gifted my first sewing machine.
it was awkward at first, but a language and understanding
slowly developed amongst the thread & needles.
finding a freedom and fluidity of reality in the medium, 
& inhabiting my own creations was incredibly liberating.
since i was a child, i've had an overwhelming fascination 
with ghosts, history, magick & the natural world.
all of these influences became channeled into stitches.

i left school at sixteen in favor of a working/self education
in cities, libraries & the forest.
gibbous took form in my early twenties, 
and has continually evolved since, traveling & growing with me.
a strange, winding process of trial & error..
learning from mistakes, listening to ghosts, 
and striving to parallel the elegance found
in the ultimate artist.. Nature, herself.

each of my creations is one of a kind, made from a myriad 
of reclaimed antique & vintage materials.
i collect the lost, the broken, the left behind; 
and reincarnate them into wearable pieces of art.
all matter is infused with the energy of it's life & history.. 
this is a strong theme in my work & philosophy.
through sorting these histories, arranging them respectfully, 
and lending my own love & energy to their composition,
the process achieves a new kind of alchemy.
it allows the lost to be found, & reborn.
i believe in honouring & learning from the past, 
and creating sustainable patterns for the future.

there are also elements of self, exploration,
ritual, & magick involved.. each of us is one of a kind,
with our own complex root system, history, mythology & dreams.
i work at actualizing these elements, in tangible forms 
that we can embody in our physical, everyday lives.
many people feel estranged from nature, spirit, the past.. 
a sense of home, self & true identity.
while much of the self lives inside, our senses love 
the things we can touch, feel, personify..
the environment that surrounds us is often like
a mirror of our inner workings.. for better or worse.
i am making dream garments to guide, adorn, protect,
& illuminate people in the waking world.

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